Lavender Fields of Dreams

Summer is here and so are the lavender fields!

The fields are in bloom and we are so excited to offer a very limited number of Fine Art Lavender Field photo sessions. These are not your usual click and throw a CD in the drawer mini sessions. We will be creating beautiful heirloom art pieces of your child or family that you can enjoy for many years and pass down to your children. Sessions take place between 6-8 pm at our very own local lavender farm, Growing Miracles Lavender Farm, which is located along the Umpqua River. This gives us the unique ability to include not only the gorgeous color of the lavender, but one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. These limited edition sessions are $149 for the session fee, and packages start at $430.

What to Wear

We have found that complementary colors or contrasting colors are best. For little girls, dresses are recommended (we have a number of studio dresses perfect for this that are available for a small fee.), preferably in soft colors. Lavender or purple actually work quite well, as does pink, white or soft yellow. Families should try to coordinate colors so that they are pleasing mix. We do NOT recommend dressing alike! Each member of the family is an individual, with their own tastes and likes, and we want to capture the real you, not an artificial dress code. We are happy to help you coordinate your clothing choices.

I’m interested, but I have question.

No problem! We are always very happy to speak with you about a session. You can come in for a free consultation, or just have a conversation via phone or email. Whatever you are comfortable with! Click the Let’s Book button below and just let us know that you want more information and how best to contact you.