Little Blue Corvette

On a very hot day in July I was photographing cars at a car show, and spied this little beauty holding court among the other sports cars. Needless to say, I very much wanted to photograph her in a manner befitting her heritage. Speaking to Kevin, the owner of this 1959 Corvette, we quickly agreed on a photo session and made arrangements for a time and location. I traveled up to Salem a few weeks later to do a light painted portrait. For anyone not familiar with light painting, I create a finished image by making multiple time exposures, during which each portion of the car is lit separately. These are then combined together in post production to create an image that is not possible to create in any other way. They often has a 3D look about them. I recently added a a mirrorless camera to my gear and was able to capture two perspectives, shot at the same time. Iā€™m very excited about being able to offer two unique images from every session now, as generally only one is possible. (Sessions are created after dark, and there is only time to do one setup.)

If you are interested in having a fine art portrait created of your favorite toy, click on the contact button. I would love to discuss how we can immortalize the vehicle that is special to you.

1959 CORVETTE front.jpg
1959 CORVETTE back.jpg

Below is a quick video showing the post production process.