Ride For 22 2019

I had the honor to once again volunteer as the photographer for the Oregon Chapter of Ride For 22’s Veteran Suicide Awareness Run & Ride. This is an amazing event that brings the community together to raise awareness of veteran’s mental health issues. It also raises funds for the assistance of the families who have been devastated by not only the loss of their loved one, but often the loss of the family’s primary breadwinner. 22 US military veterans commit suicide every side day, nationwide. This is an unacceptable statistic. Ride For 22 is working to help provide veterans and active duty military with the support and resources they need to help bring this number to zero.

The Annual Run travels through our beautiful local VA campus, and participants are met at the finish line by flag waving, cheering crowds. The Motorcycle Ride travels throughout the greater Roseburg area, ending at Backside Brewery, for a well deserved pizza and beer reception. (A big thank you to the owners and staff at Backside Brewery for all of the support they give Ride For 22 for this event and throughout the year!)

If you would like more information about Ride For 22, or resources for suicide prevention, please visit their website at https://www.ridefor22.org/.

Below are some of my favorite images from the event. The rest of the photos can be seen at https://trystrampa.passgallery.com/-ridefor22participants and https://trystrampa.passgallery.com/-ridefor22candids.

Tristin Godsey